Rare apple

Bittersweet cider


From September until December 2016, fermented until July 2017

Why does this date matter?  Because this Cider will change with each year due to the change in proportion of the varieties the orchard grows, the growing weather and the fermenting weather, although like wine houses we will strive for a house style that best reflects the fruit of the year, or the character of a batch.

Aroma starts with a deep Red Apple, a hint of hay or meadow, and a light breadiness in the background.

A fresh and soft opening, with hints green apple and unripe pear coming from natural malic and latic acids, backed by subtle balanced sweetness, hints of malolactic creaminess, and clearing to the lingering length of tannins, some fairly vigourous due to its young age, and which run the gauntlet from dry leatheriness, to light phenolics, that fade slowly and becon another sip.  Although called Bittersweet, (from the apples used), with around 26 g/litre of residual sugar it is more of a Medium Dry in character, with a drier  ‘RealFeel’ due to the vibrant tannins.

The most apt words to describe our Bittersweet 2016 Cider are ‘Fresh and Tannic’, and most definitley ‘Food Friendly’!

Abv: 5.8%
Residual Sugar: 26gr/liter
Total Acidity:  4.9 gr/litre
Bottle Volume: 500ml & 750ml
Order Size: 20 x 500ml, 12 x 750ml

Serving at 10 deg C is ideal, although it migh seem unusual, but you will find at this temperature,  it is chilled enough to be refreshing but both sweetness and tannins become more prominent and its character becomes slightly more robust.  Ice will not help this cider in any way, and in our opinion throws the balance out!

This is going to work great with heavier dishes, will comfortably work with smoked fish, mackerel, roasted meats meats, (tannins like fattier foods), hearty umami rich sauces, pork of all varieties is an obvious choice.  Will also work with dishes that have some but not too much acidity, including some lightly spiced Asian dishes, or possibly Mexican, but haven’t tried the latter yet!  Try it with some of the fine dishes in Greenes,/Cask, Sage, Ballymaloe or The Spitjack where we its on sale.

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