“Warm Glounthaune slopes ideal for cider apples” by Billy Lyons

January 29, 2017

“Warm Glounthaune slopes ideal for cider apples” by Billy Lyons

On a March morning when the weather had decided to remain undecided, we had the pleasure of a visit from Billy, Clare and Colm, who were interested enough in whats going on here to walk up through blustery gusts to one of the old wilding apple trees in the hedgerows at the top of the hill, and stood under umbrellas while being introduced to some grafting techniques.  A tasting in the cow shed of some of this year single varietal test batches like Major, Yarlington Mills, or a Pear Pommeau gave our guests a link between the trees and the taste, which fortunately seemed to help bring the sun out!

Billy wrote a great article which we hope he doesnt mind us sharing on the link below…..

Warm Glounthaune slopes ideal for cider apples
A farm that has been recovered from a semi-wilderness is the unlikely scene for a craft cider revolution. Thanks to Dave and Barry of Johnny Fall Down we had a tour of the fields at Killahora (Glounthaune) last week where the south-facing slopes are planted with over 40 varieties of apple…..
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