Johnny Fall Down Rare Apple Cider wins BBI Medal in our 1st Year of Production!

March 18, 2017

Johnny Fall Down Rare Apple Cider wins BBI Medal in our 1st Year of Production!

JOhnny Fall Down BBI Award 2016

Not that competitions are the reason we make what we make, the way we make it…..but we’re only humna and its always nice for someone else to tell you how great you are 🙂  Only joking…..but proud nonetheless that in our first year of production, with a single tank full of slow fermenting cider, that we did pick up a medal against some serious heavyweights, beating the likes of Astons, Thatchers and a host of others with a combined weight of decades of production and millions of litres of cider in their tanks.

In reality it does go to show that picking and planting rare apples, and letting nature do the hard work over the length of time that it needs can simply taste better than the best of technology and techniques that seek to maximise production and minimise the time it takes.  Needless to say in a fully  commercial situation the luxury of leaving cider in a tank for 9 months is not an option, nor is letting nature eat up your valuable malic acid in a malo lactic fermentation, (which gives a better mouthfeel, and reduces malic to lactic acid, thus reducing the amount of back sweetening with juice that is required…and for the calorie counters gives a lower calorific value to our cider without interfering with the overall balance).

So with concept proven, we’re going to spend the next few years honing our technique, bettering our equipment and knowledge and biding our time while our 800 rare apple and perry pear trees mature and produce ever more fruit.  It will be different year to year, but we hope you’ll join us on our journey through artisan craft cider.

Winners Podium – Front and Centre 🙂

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